Katharine Chin

Katharine Chin

Katharine Chin

Why SCOtus theater?

In high school and the early years of college, I thought I was going to make a positive difference in the world through politics. I did Model UN, interned for the International Rescue Committee, volunteered for nature conservation nonprofits. 

When I discovered acting and the power of theatre, everything changed... I realized I had a power, through characters and stories, to change people’s hearts and minds. 

Fast forward ten years, and I’m knee deep in this profession. Political theatre has always been important to me in the sense that I believe in telling well-crafted, three-dimensional stories about underrepresented communities. Truthful representation of diversity of race, gender, and ability has always been seen as political, nowadays, more so than ever. 

When we go online, we’re overwhelmed by scrolling, noisy, clickbait news. Through that, many folks crave clarity

SCOTUS Theater cuts through the noise and brings primary sources to the people and gives individuals the opportunity to engage in and reflect upon the power structures that govern our country. 

I’m deeply excited by SCOTUS Theater’s potential to educate, engage, and empower communities and I’m so honored to be a company member.